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CHRISTMAS TREes | pricing

Sambol's Tree Farm is a full-service Christmas tree farm offering both “Choose and Cut” trees growing in our field and Pre-Cut trees. All of our trees are tagged with the type, approximate height, and price.


 "CHOOSE & CUT" FIELD TREES  Canaan Fir and Concolor Fir 

Available trees in the field are conveniently tagged with the height of the tree and the price. 


"PRE-CUT" TREES  This year we are excited because we will have several varieties including Fraser, Canaan, Douglas, and Turkish firs.  We have also sourced some tall 10' Canaan Fir from northern Indiana. These will be as fresh as you can get!

We always have less than perfect Christmas trees. These are marked with PINK tags. Be on the lookout and save a lot of money!

Pre-CUt pricing

7'     $91
8'     $119
9'     $149
10'   $199


Our farm provides a full-service experience - no need to bring anything with you!  We supply hand saws, sleds, and kneeling pads.  Our crew will drill, shake, net your tree AND will safely tie it onto your car!  All of this is included in our price.

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