Fraser Fir Precuts:
     7'        we have many!
     8'        we have many!
     9'        limited inventory remaining!
    10'       limited inventory remaining!
All of our precuts are unbaled and nicely displayed in
a covered, lit pavillion. Easy to find the perfect tree! 

Field "Choose and Cut" Canaan Fir:
There are quite a few trees left in our fields - come out
and have some fun finding your Christmas tree! And many
'pink' tags (slightly discounted) trees are still available.


**hours have changed**

Tue-fri 4:00-7:00

sat & Sun 10:00-6:00


make sure to come out this week or weekend as we anticipate selling out of our field trees and our fraser fir pre-cuts.






We are planting as many trees as the land allows and soon we will have enough to get through opening weekend. However, this season we anticipate that most (if not all) of our field trees will be cut on the first two days. For those of you who will not get an appointment on Friday or saturday we hope you will still come out to the farm and purchase one of our pre-cut Fraser Firs.

We thank you for your continued support and patience!