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CHRISTMAS TREes | pricing

Sambol's Tree Farm is a full-service Christmas tree farm offering both “Choose and Cut” trees growing in our field and Pre-Cut trees.

FIELD TREES:  Canaan Fir and Concolor Fir

PRE-CUT TREES:  Fraser Fir and Concolor Fir from Michigan 

We charge by the foot for all trees. Our available trees are conveniently tagged with the height of the tree and the price. For example, the tree will be tagged 7’ tall and $84. And we always ‘round down’ on height/price so you are always getting a little bit more for your money! 

**Also, if you need a tall tree (11'-12') please contact us to pre-order!**

The branches turn slightly upward. They have good form and needle-retention. They are dark blue-green in color. They have a pleasant scent, and excellent shipping characteristics as well.

These small, narrow needles are around 1 to 1½ in. in length and occur in rows. They have good foliage color, good needle retention, and a pleasing shape and aroma.

Exhibits a relatively dense, pyramidal crown with a slender spire-like tip that often imparts a formal appearance. Foliage color is lustrous dark green to bluish green with a silvery coloring on the underside of the needles.

Our farm provides a full-service experience - no need to bring anything with you!  We supply hand saws, sleds, and kneeling pads.  Our crew will drill, shake, net your tree AND will tie it onto your car!  All of this is included in our price.



We always have a great assortment of beautiful fresh wreaths - all handmade in different sizes and shapes including candy cane, cross, and swags.  Also garland is available - please call to pre-order.

Christmas Tree Delivery and Tree Pick-Up

Trees are tagged with height and price!

Pre-Cut Pavillion

Pre-Cut trees are dry and nicely displayed!

Full Service - hand saws and kneel pads!


New pull carts are awesome!

Full service - sled, saw, knee pads!

Easy to pull sleds!

ws, knee pads!

We have it all! Sleds, saws, and knee pads!

Such an easy process!


Found a good one!


Guys get the tree into the barn for processing.


After drilling and shaking the tree is netted.


Staff will carefully tie tree to the top of your vehicle.

Tree is attached safely to your vehicle.

Contact Us (Tree Delivery/Pick Up)


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After drilling and shaking the tree is netted.